NFL investigating Raiders for potential Rooney Rule violation in hiring of Jon Gruden

The Oakland Raiders got their man in new head coach Jon Gruden, but questions persist about how closely they followed the Rooney Rule. Now the NFL is officially “looking into” any potential violations of the rule, according to Adam Schefter.

The Raiders announced the hiring of Gruden on Jan. 6, shortly after he called his final game for ESPN. Rumors of Gruden joining the team circulated not long after the team fired Jack Del Rio a week earlier.

If his gut tells him that something is off, Kamara will simply leave. He’s done it before. Every city, every situation, has its own energy, its own vibe, he says. And the vibe’s been off before. Many times throughout his life everything has felt wrong.

But not here, not in this city, with these people and this team.

It’s a Saturday afternoon in late December, and the sun is beginning to set in the Quarter. Cars honk as they drive past. Some stop in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, just to scream “Who Dat!” A homeless man lying on the sidewalk sits up and says, “AK.” A trumpeter follows him around the block and plays “When the Saints Go Marching In.” A horse-drawn carriage pulls back abruptly so that the driver can pay his respects. Fans ask for pictures— he always obliges—and then say that they love him. “I love you, too,” Kamara responds.

Serigne was a leader for the Deacons. A fifth-year senior, he played an important starting role for four years and littered Wake Forest’s record books. He broke the school record for tight end receptions and touchdowns after just his first two seasons.

Serigne shows a good feel for space and how to get open. He’s a smooth, agile player who can weave in and out of zone coverages, as well as make some acrobatic catches in traffic. He’s not an overly physical player, but he is an athlete with an aggressive mindset. Serigne is not a hulking blocker, but he can quickly get to his mark, and he has the tenacity to get after defenders.

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