On third and two while the Chiefs were trying to run the clock down the fourth quarter he missed a wide open Ware down the field.

The supplicants had come (85 of them, all told) to call upon said Pope, Mike Francesa, who was hosting his penultimate WFAN radio show, This is Your Life-style, from a theater at the Paley Center for Media, the former Museum of Broadcasting. (Friday’s show, the final one, transmits from his usual studio and consists of his regular callers.) He performed before a small crowd of fans and people connected to the radio station, though he made no effort to modulate his regular delivery to fit the setting. He may as well have been in the studio, anyway; due to whatever miscalculation in ticket distribution, the auditorium was never more than a quarter full.

The phone lines, on the other hand… Dick Ebersol, Bob Costas, Jay Wright, Ottis Anderson, Keith Hernandez—they all wanted to tell him what a triumph his show had been, how fair and decent he had been to them while he reigned over the sporting world in New York. Mike Breen, Regis Philbin, Kurt Warner, Jim Nantz, Ian Eagle (a former board operator for Francesa), Linda Cohn—they all wanted him to know what a run he had had. Jay Glazer and Lawrence Taylor called in with off-color stories. Tributes came in from the basketball coaches at Hofstra and Iona.

The play of the Colts defense on was a bit of a surprise considering the healthy bodies back, adding to the improvements that bunch made the win over San Diego.2 spot behind last year’s NFL MVP Rodgers.But right now, Ballard is feeling good with his knee and he is closer to the blocker that Arians likes.

Some more bad news if you don’t support Manchester City: Even Sheikh Mansour’s U-12 team is dominating its competition.

On Friday, Manchester City won the 2017 Prospects Cup, a U-12 tournament in Kissimmee, Fla., featuring 16 elite youth teams—eight from the United States and eight from the rest of the world. Manchester City beat Real Madrid 1–0, drew AS Roma 3–3 and dismantled Borussia Dortmund 4–0 to qualify for the semifinals, where the English side topped Fluminense on penalties.

In the final, Manchester City faced Weston FC, a South Florida club that had won all of its games entering Friday, picking apart MLS youth teams like LA Galaxy and FC Dallas. But City eased past Weston in the final, earning a 3–0 victory behind dominant possession and compact defending—the type of performance that would surely make Guardiola proud. bears_036-223x223

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