The Bills have won three of the last four matchups against the Jaguars, and Buffalo is 4-2 all-time in Jacksonville.

David Steele: Focusing on how a team finished is so tempting, and if that’s the main factor for a playoff team, then the Panthers are doomed. They completely disappeared against the Falcons in the finale when the NFC South title (over these very same Saints) was at stake. The problem is, though … the Panthers have much more to worry about than that one season-ending game.

He hasn’t mastered the technique and footwork of safety or cornerback yet, and he is still reliant on his elite vision, anticipation and athleticism to make his impact. It’s for that reason, despite not having a defined NFL position, Fitzpatrick will be drafted within the top 20 picks, potentially in the top 10 if he tests the part at the NFL Combine. Fitzpatrick against the Clemson offense will look to continue to perform as arguably college football’s best defender.

My heart would be with my hometown Vikings to get off the Super Bowl schneid (0-4 including their last Super Bowl loss, to the Raiders in my rookie season of 1976). But my head must give the nod to the Patriots and their big-game mojo behind the super-clutch Brady.

The Jaguars have won five straight at EverBank Field. They haven’t won six straight at home since Dec. 18, 2005-Nov. 5, 2006.

Buffalo has won just three of its last 10 road games. The Bills allowed 31.7 points per game in the seven losses but surrendered just 14.3 per game in the three wins.

Jacksonville is 2-1 in home playoff games. In the two wins, the Jags forced 10 turnovers while giving away the ball only twice. This is their first home playoff game since Jan. 23, 2000.

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