The next step for DeFilippo and Nagy is to take advantage of their opportunities as McVay seized upon his.

Nagy is a former Arena League quarterback who is in his first season as the offensive coordinator in Kansas City; he was a co-coordinator with Brad Childress last season. With Nagy at the controls, the Chiefs ranked in the league’s top 10 this season in rushing offense, passing offense, total offense and scoring offense.

Few within the league seemed to view McVay as a viable head coaching candidate when last offseason began. Many thought that he’d get a head coaching interview or two but remain in Washington as Gruden’s coordinator, primed to become a head coach further down the road. But McVay wowed the Rams with his knowledge and wise-beyond-his-years polish. When the Rams hired him last January, he was less than two weeks shy of his 31st birthday.

Bill Belichick was once fired by the Cleveland Browns. When he resigned as the “H.C. of the NYJ” after one day on the job to go to the Patriots, the move was widely criticized. Meanwhile, Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick in the 2000 NFL Draft — No. 199 overall, to be exact. Now Belichick is the best coach in NFL history. I’d argue he’s the best coach in the history of sports. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, the GREATEST NFL PLAYER EVER (sorry, Jerry Rice and Jim Brown).

Brady and Belichick are going to their eighth Super Bowl together. That’s insane. Brady took over the starting job in 2001, after Mo Lewis delivered a crushing blow to Drew Bledsoe.

The league’s offseason decision to relax prohibitions on celebrations after touchdowns and big plays has turned into a rare unqualified source of whimsy. For years, the NFL punished any choreographed celebration and prohibited using the football as a prop for a demonstration. But a dozen weeks after officials decided to relent and permit such acts, only one question remains: What took them so long?

In short order, players concocted intricate and delightful dances. NFL players, upon reaching the end zone, have transformed into bobsledders, potato-sack racers and a family gathered around a Thanksgiving table. The Philadelphia Eagles defense performed the Electric Slide after an interception this past Sunday. The demonstrations have had almost no downside. Officials have called just three delay-of-game penalties after touchdowns this season, according to the NFL, and taunting penalties after touchdowns have remained static.cowboys_096

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