A federal court in New York granted Elliott’s temporary restraining order that once again puts his suspension on hold.

In its decision to lift the preliminary injunction that was keeping Elliott on the field, the 5th Circuit court ruled that the U.S. District Court of Eastern Texas must dismiss Elliott’s case. When the NFLPA filed for an en banc hearing with the 5th Circuit, they also asked that the court recall the mandate that the case be dismissed. The 5th Circuit denied that motion on Tuesday.

Elliott will play against the 49ers in Week 7, but the TRO only lasts until Oct. 30 or until the presiding judge, who is currently on vacation, hears the case.

Or the hilarious-er young receiver goes down then leaves a live ball on the ground (though when Victor Cruz did that a couple years ago the officials decided they’d call it differently than they ever had before, so what’s the point?). It’s an archaic rule that unnecessarily creates a gray area for a defender and puts players in danger for no good reason.

Carlos Correa: He just turned 23 in September and has had a blazing start to his career. While he may not be a Gold Glove shortstop, he’s good enough defensively to certainly stick there throughout his 20s, which means he’ll develop into one of the best power-hitting shortstops in the game’s history.

Corey Seager: The best path to becoming a Hall of Famer is to reach the majors at a young age and excel from the beginning. Like Correa, Seager has done just that, as the two rank sixth and eighth the past two seasons in WAR among position players. Like Correa, Seager is going to be an annual MVP candidate over the next 10 years or so. Like Correa, the key is staying healthy. Nomar Garciaparra had half a Hall of Fame career, for example.

I’ve done enough of that for now. Except for dirt track.” Martin answered a fan’s question Friday on Twitter confirming that he was no longer serving as a coach for Roush. Saturday, he answered another fan’s question as to why he wasn’t coaching Roush’s drivers.

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