Browns fans’ 0-16 parade raised $17,157 in donations for food bank

This might explain why Ramsey and the Jaguars won their first playoff game for the first time in a decade, but also let’s be real: There’s no real concoction that we can give credit to. The Jaguars have been great all season.

Nelson will be 33 in May and disappeared after Rodgers’ injury—I’m not sure there would be much of a market for him if he’s cut loose, and the Packers might risk cutting him then re-signing him.

As for what this means for the future, don’t assume anything. Four points to make:

1. We don’t know who the coach or GM is going to be next year, so we can’t know if this is the end for Manning with the Giants. Maybe COO John Mara knows what he’s going to do atop the team; my gut is that both McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese will be fired. But whether it’s Reese or some new GM, we’re not going to know Manning’s fate for a while. It’s easy to say, Eli will never suit up for the Giants after this season, but that’s an opinion. I can’t see the Giants having made the decision that Manning is definitely gone in the midst of this train-wreck season. There’s no logic to it.

Check out this radioactive-looking blue burger the Jags are trying to get you to put into your mouth. NBC compared it to the Nasty Patties from SpongeBob.

I usually don’t pay attention when I get press releases announcing the weird food stadiums are planning to sell at upcoming games. Foods like these are gimmicks meant to drum up publicity, and food-service providers want people like me to take the bait and post the pictures on their website. I normally have very little interest in the novelty Cap’n Crunch-Coated Raw Quinoa Dumplings with Ponzu-Grape Jelly that are deep fried in avocado oil, drizzled with the tears of Giants fans, and then rolled in a coating of protein powder stolen from Blake Bortles’ locker.

While prices will spike regardless of the matchup, if the Vikings beat the Eagles in the NFC championship game, the gap between face value and what the tickets sell for on the secondary market will widen significantly. That’s because with a win on Sunday, the Vikings would become the first team in NFL history to play in a Super Bowl in its home stadium, and Minnesota fans will clamor to get into U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, February 4.

Would he have laughed? Because it is kind of a joke. Would he have grown angry? Because it is kind of an outrage.

There are plenty who follow the team who contend the team’s social-media follies, periodic me-first antics and obsession with the Patriots something Tomlin rather invited are antithetical to the Steeler way. But nothing expresses a greater disconnect with how the franchise has operated historically than to suggest dismissing Tomlin.

Chuck Noll won four Super Bowls from 1974 through 1979. Then he missed the playoffs eight times in the next dozen years.

Hendricks had been ejected from Lincoln Financial Field before Saturday’s NFC divisional playoff because he was intoxicated — and didn’t have a ticket. patriots_103_15411ea025f119ad-180x180

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